OmmaSon: Maxim White Gold Coffee (10 sachets), 100g




Product Description: Maxim White Gold coffee sticks feature a specially rationed mix of freeze-dried coffee, pure fat-free milk, and sugar. The coffee beans are roasted, finely blended, and then instantly freeze-dried to preserve its natural flavor and aroma. The blend highlights the coffee in milk, making it perfect for those who love a rich, cream-heavy coffee.

Ingredients: Coffee Maxim White Gold (Peruic acid, Brazil)] 10.2%, xylose sugar (white sugar, xylose, maltodextrin) Prima containing non-fat milk [starch syrup, vegetable hardened palm oil (from Indonesia, Philippines), palm oil, non-fat Milk (domestic), potassium phosphate, concentrated milk protein powder]

How to make:
1. Combine the coffee with 1 cup of hot water & enjoy!
2. For cold combination, combine the coffee, powdered creamer, honey and water in a quick shaker
3. Cover and shake for about 30 seconds until mix well
4. Pour into a glass and add the ice cubes, stir well and serve

How to store and care:
Always keep product in a dry place

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